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Previous Beers

Some of the other brews we’ve featured in our taproom.

Cowboy Neal

Hoppy American Wheat Pale Ale


Hoppy rye ale
7.3% ABV & 70 IBUs

Farmhouse Brett

Saison ale brewed with rye & oats, dry-hopped, and finished with Brettanomyces
5.3% ABV

AmarilLo Faber

Bright American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Amarillo hops
5.2% & 40 IBUs

Brett’s Berry Medley

Ale fermented 100% with Brettanomyces and local organic strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
5.7% ABV

Brett’s on Haight-Raspberry

Ale fermented 100% with Brettanomyces & 200lbs of locally grown organic raspberries
5.7% ABV

Practice Round

Session IPA
60 IBUs & 4.8% ABV


A Belgian inspired wheat ale brewed with orange peel.

Brett’s Last Straw

100% with Brettanomyces fermented ale brewed with 300 lbs of locally grown organic strawberries from Adam’s Berry Farm in Charlotte.
5.8% ABV/ 40 IBUs

Second Fiddle Double IPA

Big, juicy, Double IPA.
80 IBUs & 8.2% ABV

The new NEW Amarillo Getaway

Just a few slight tweaks to the recipe on this batch.  Still a bright colored American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Amarillo hops for a distinct grapefruit aroma.
5.8% ABV/ 50 IBUs

Rarefied Air

Hoppy Pale Ale brewed with wheat and oats.
5% ABV


Ale brewed with lemon peel- fermented with a newer, less flocculent strain of yeast for a bright cloudy glow
60 IBUs & 6.4% ABV

Beer & Pizza

Bright colored unfiltered session ale. Pilsner malt base, dry-hopped with Mosaic. It’s the “pairs well with pizza” beer!  Kegged fresh on Friday, Feb 6th 2015.
20 IBUs/ 5.1% ABV

Brett Cherried Alive

Pale ale with 1 lb/gallon of sour cherries and fermented 100% with Brettanomyces yeast
5.4% ABV

Brett Pale Ale

Pilsner malt base, dry hopped with 3 varieties of hops, and fermented 100% with Brettanomyces yeast
6.2% ABV

Tejas Marron

A big hoppy American brown ale brewed with unrefined dark brown sugar & a healthy dose of hops.  Smooth & drinkable, aka The Devil’s Right Hand.
8% ABV

2001: A Brett Odyssey

The latest in our Brett about Town series.  A bright colored pale ale fermented 100% with Brettanomyces
42 IBUs & 5.55% ABV

Milk Stout

5% ABV


Caramel colored German wheat beer
8 IBUs/ 6.2% ABV


5.6% ABV & 17 IBUs

Brett Berried Alive!

The latest in our Brett series- a wild ale fermented 100% with Brettanomyces yeast.  We added 300 pounds of locally grown blueberries from Charlotte Berry Farm right down the road.  Dry & slightly tart with little residual sweetness.
33 IBUs & 5.55% ABV


35 IBUs & 7.3% ABV

Mellow Mike

Amber Ale
15 IBUs & 5.2% ABV

Pale Ale

Bright colored and light bodied, brewed with 100% Pilsner malt
40 IBUs & 5.5% ABV

Brett on the Dancefloor

Fermented 100% with Brettanomyces and then dry hopped – this one has just enough of that funky Brett yeast flavor.
Gotta have that funk.
60 IBUs & 5.9% ABV

Rang Duce

Hoppy American Wheat Ale
75 IBUs & 7.2% ABV

Circle 3

Belgian Tripel
27 IBUs & 10.5% ABV


As part of the Pink Boots Society’s 1st annual International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day Fiddlehead’s Rachel Cleveland teamed up with Owner/Brewmaster Matty O to brew a truly special beer. On March 15th, Rachel & Matty O joined women from 80 different breweries all over the world to brew a beer.   This event was spearheaded by the Pink Boots Society, an organization that works to support the role that women play in the craft beer industry today.  Boosa is a medium bodied pale ale.  Photos from the brew day can be found on our Twitter feed @fiddleheadbrew or here.  See the What’s On Tap video here.
60 IBUs & 5.2% ABV

Amarillo Getaway

A bright hop forward American Pale Ale dry hopped with Amarillo
63 IBUs & 5.6% ABV


A German ale that cold conditions for an extended period of time.  More malt flavors than hops- balanced, clean, and drinkable.
25 IBUs & 4.5% ABV

Ryezer Flip

A tart fall, easy drinking beer perfect for stacking wood and dreaming of summers past.
11.4 IBUs & 5% ABV

Ruby Claire

Hoppy red ale
50 IBUs & 6.2% ABV


BIG juicy tropical hop aroma, smooth finish, and a bright brilliant color.
8.1% ABV

Shelburne Museum ESB

An Extra Special Bitter we brewed especially for the Shelburne Museum’s grand opening of their year-round facility.
5.2% ABV

Eat a Peach

Pale Ale brewed with peach purée.
40 IBUs & 5.1% ABV

Hef- You

A deliciously refreshing unfiltered Bavarian style Hefeweizen
4.8% ABV


Golden Grillz

This is probably the most gangster a$$ day drinking summer beer your teef have ever touched. Pilsner malt, light German hop presence. Unfiltered with all-day-drinkability: drink this one all day and feel golden.
25 IBUs & 4.8% ABV

Marty’s Pale Ale

Another collaboration with avid homebrewer Marty in celebration of Williston’s 250th birthday celebration. Click here to find out about Williston’s big Birthday Bash!
40 IBUs & 5.7% ABV


This German style ale was brewed with some Pilsner malt and flavored with the Czech hop Saaz, this refreshing straw colored beer is unfiltered and lightly dry-hopped for a slight spicy kick.  On tap for a limited time at the brewery and at the Arts Riot South End Truck Stop in Burlington.  More info.
30 IBUs & 5.1% ABV


Michael’s Thriller

Hoppy Belgian Black Ale
6.6% ABV


Dan K’s Double IPA

A full bodied single hopped Double IPA.  BIG flavor.  Smooth finish
91 IBUs & 9.1% ABV

Mydland Mild

Fully flavored session ale
20 IBUs & 4% ABV

Double Wit

This is our take on a classic Belgian style.  Brewed predominately with wheat, this beer also has a pinch of oats and some acidulated malt to balance the strong flavors of bitter orange peel and coriander which were added during the boil.  Brightly cloudy, unfiltered, and yeasty.
20 IBUs & 7% ABV


Ryezome is a dryhopped rye-wheat ale.  Brewed with rye, wheat, and acidulated malt, then aggressively dryhopped with Citra this beer is both spicy and tart, beautifully cloudy and dangerously drinkable.
10 IBUs & 4.7% ABV

Sprung Double IPA

Another big double IPA brewed with several strains of experimental hops.
100 IBUs & 8.2% ABV

Hodad Porter

Chocolate, toasted coconut, vanilla bean porter
*Contains lactose
5.5% ABV

Toasted Amber Ale

Our Amber pours a clean ruby copper hue and is brewed with an ample amount of Victory malt which is roasted a bit differently than other varieties to impart a pleasant toastiness to the aroma and body of this beer.  A crisp level of carbonation helps to cut the malt body and British grown Fuggles hops liven it up as it goes down.  Fairly straightforward for an Amber, this is one easy drinking beer.
5.1% ABV


Rover is a Biere de Mars; French for beer of March or March Beer.  This farmhouse style ale was historically brewed in the South of France in February and would ferment outdoors through March.  As the temperatures would rise in time the yeast would become more active and thus impart fruity esters into the beer.  Our Rover (named after the rover Curiosity currently residing on Mars) is brewed with a Belgian strain of yeast and crushed coriander seeds.  This beer is unfiltered and very malt forward yet bubbly and wonderfully balanced.
8% ABV

Dog Eat Dog (Double IPA)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Prep your palate and taunt your tastebuds, there’s a new dog in town.  Just in time to smooth the sting of Single’s Awareness Day (Valentine’s Day for all you happy couples out there)  we would like to present our brand new Double IPA; Dog Eat Dog.  We held out on attacking this popular style for a full year, but now, just two short months into our second year of business we decided to contribute what we think is one teeth melting brew.  Our DIPA pours a beautiful bright hazy orange and is bursting with tropical fruit aromas; mango, melon, citrus, even grapefruit stand their ground and are credited to the staggering amounts of hops added after fermentation.  Caramalt provides a steady smooth malt backbone for the bite this beer delivers.  Our Double is not for the faint of palate.  It is designed to test your hop threshold.  So kick back, and enjoy responsibly, but remember, it’s a Dog Eat Dog world out there and this dog’s bark is just as big as it’s bite.
100 IBUs & 8.5% ABV

Devils Right Hand

“The Devil’s Right Hand” as it has come to be known, is our take on an original American style of beer called a Texas Brown Ale.  In the brewhouse we used two types of malts and unrefined dark brown sugar.  The aroma is deep and rich, dominated by strong top notes of grapefruit, melon and lychee with the subtle inviting underlying aromas of brown sugar playing a memorable supporting role.  The beer is calculated to be 98 IBU’s and weighs in at an impressive 8.3% ABV.  As with all beer this one is meant to be enjoyed fresh and in moderation!  Come try it while it lasts, and remember what your mama said “this beer is the Devil’s right hand”!
98 IBUs & 8.3% ABV

Mad River Lager

The new house beer on tap seasonally at Mad River Glen in VT.  Bright in color as well as flavor, the German grown hops add a slight spicy kick.
Mad River Lager, Drink it while you can!
20 IBUs & 5.2% ABV


40 IBUs/ 5.8% ABV

McAllister Irish Red Ale

Fiddlehead Brewery is a big supporter of good healthy competition in the local beer market.  So when Matt learned that the Green Mountain Mashers (a Vermont home brew club) were hosting a Red Ale style competition, he wanted to get involved.  Thus he offered incentive:  The winning Red Recipe would be brewed in full scale at the Brewery!

In early November 2012, we had Marty Bonneau of Willston (1st place), and Brian Eckert (2nd place) of Burlington in to the brewery to help Matt brew a 10 barrel batch of Marty’s award winning McAllister Irish Red Ale.  This beer uses some pale and caramel malts as well as a pinch of roasted barley to create a very malt forward beer with little residual sweetness.  Fuggles, a traditional British hop, adds a slight earthy tone to this Red.  As Marty puts it, “Not too big, not to malty, not too hoppy… it’ll be a good beer.”
22 IBUs & 5.6% ABV

Black IPA

This beer is our take on an emerging subcategory of IPAs: Black IPAs. It pours a nice deep black color with a rich creamy head. The hop aroma in this beer is complex, consisting of a variety of fruity florals. We used three different hop varieties from Australia. While on the palate this beer is initially bitter, it melts into a subtle chocolate smoothness and drinks easy. This new style of IPA seamlessly blends the rich toasted malty flavors characteristic to dark beers with the pleasant hoppy bitterness found in India Pale Ales.
60 IBUs & 6.8% ABV


Fiddlehead Brewery’s Oktobeer is a light amber color and was brewed with Bohemian Pilsner Malt as well as German Vienna, Crystal, and Munich Malts. It’s flavored with some traditional German Tettnang hops and fermented using a German lager strain of yeast.  After lagering for three weeks, this festbier made it’s big debut on October 12th.  Prost!
25 IBUs & 5.6% ABV

Helles Lager

This Bavarian style Helles Lager is brewed with Bohemian Pilsner and Carafoam malts and fully flavored with German Hallertau hops which have a slight spicy kick.  It pours a bright blonde color and as with many Helles,  has an exceptionally fuller body than its color suggests.
17 IBUs & 4.6% ABV


Fiddlehead Brewery’s Vermont Pale Ale was made using 30 lbs of Cascade Hops grown in the  Mad River Valley of our beautiful Green Mountain State!  Our VPA is a light amber color, has a pleasant floral hop aroma with a slight citrus kick and finishes nice and smooth with little to no residual bitterness.
25 IBUs & 5.5% ABV


Hashtag Brown Ale is a nice medium bodied unfiltered beer brewed with a bit of chocolate malt and a pinch of hops for a real smooth, not too sweet, not too bitter flavor profile.
20 IBUs & 5.6% ABV

Mother Goose

This colla-beer-ative beer was brewed for Vermont Brewfest’s 20th Anniversary with help from the great folks of Angel City Brewing out of L.A.  Brewed with Chamomile and honey harvested at Champlain Valley Apiaries just a mile down the road from the brewery, this light straw colored Ale has a touch of tartness that comes from Gooseberries added after fermentation.
15 IBUs & 6.5% ABV

Belgian Pale Ale

This beer is made using a Belgian strain of yeast and a small amount of hops to make it a great end of summer sessionable beer.  Our BPA has a somewhat spicy aroma and finishes very clean.
20 IBUs & 5.5% ABV

Brown Porter

Despite its rich dark appearance, this Porter doesn’t embody the robust shmokiness that is characteristic of others in its category. With a slight caramel note and dry finish, the Brown Porter is easily drinkable and not too heavy on the palate.
30 IBUs & 5.4% ABV

Frog Run Sap Beer

What is Sap Beer?  Matty-O crafted this traditional brew substituting the last sap run from local Vermont Maple trees (less than 1% sugar at this point) for water in the different stages of the brewing process.  A nice dark amber in color, and lightly hopped, the subtle maple flavor doesn’t hit you until seconds after the beer’s gone down the hatch.
22 IBUs & 6.5% ABV

Wit My Own Two Hands

This pale colored Belgian style wheat ale is ferntastically light and refreshing.  Brewed with a pilsner malt and boiled with bitter orange peel and coriander seeds, our Belgian Wit is deliciously cloudy, lively carbonated, and tastes great on a hot summer day.
12 IBU & 5.1% ABV

Fiddlehead Red Ale

This hoppy Red Ale is an enticing dark ruby red color and has tropical fruit aromas. With predominant caramel and toffee flavors, a good amount of hops balance the sweetness and leaves your mouth watering.
30 IBUs/ 5.7% ABV

Fiddlehead IPA

Our flagship brew.  This one can be found on tap at over 400 bars & restaurants in Vermont.  Hop forward with a bright citrus & pine aroma, nice dry finish. Very drinkable.
53 IBUS & 6.2% ABV

6305 Shelburne Rd
Shelburne, VT 05482
(802) 399-2994

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