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Free Press: Culture begets culture at Fiddlehead Brewing

February 3, 2012

Like any serious-minded college student, Matt Cohen found his career while doing research in the library. Like any less-than-serious-minded college student, however, that research was about beer.

“I think I was working off a hangover or something,” Cohen said of that moment in the library at Ithaca College when he found an advertisement in a magazine for a home-brewing kit. The Rockland County, N.Y., native admits he was fond of drinking and having a good time in his college days, but he also was studying anthropology and archaeology and was intrigued by the idea that every culture creates its own fermented beverage.

Culture begets culture, in other words. Since graduating from college in 1996, Cohen has dedicated his professional life to beer, working his way up from brew-pub jug washer to craft-beer brew master to his current job: owner of Vermont’s newest beer-maker, the Fiddlehead Brewing Company, named for the ubiquitous edible fern that represents the Vermont-styled freshness Cohen wants his beer to emulate.


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